About Us

Creators of emotive fragrance blends, lovers of beautiful design, purveyors of the perfect soy candles... we are Two Goats Candle Co.


Our Inspiration

Established in Sheboygan, WI, our business began as a spark of an idea between friends. We adored candles but weren't happy with the ones we'd tried (uneven burning and sooty mess don't appeal so much). So we pushed up our glasses, got down to some industry research, and set out to create the perfect candle ourselves.


Our Commitment

We've always favored quality over quantity, so you won't find a mind-boggling array of products in our store. Instead, we carry a boutique line of giftable, natural candles crafted to enhance any space with scent and style.


Our candles are made of soy wax that's 100% sourced from American farms, mostly run by families. They're as pure as can be: dye-free, phthalate-free, and finished with cotton wicks. We hand-pour them in batches of just five per pitcher to ensure high-end quality, a clean burn, and an all-enveloping fragrance release. Hand-pouring is the gold standard of scented candle production and allows us to monitor every detail from wax temperatures to wicks.


Now call us out, but we believe that what's on the outside is important too. So we create minimalist, gender-neutral jar designs that look pretty darn cute on your coffee table.  


And That Brand Name?

Two Goats Candle Co is unique in every aspect - including our off-the-wall name! When starting out, we must have bounced a hundred names off each other. Finally, one summer's day, after the state fair, everything fell into place. Goats are the cutest animals and a staple here in Wisconsin. The sprawling farmland and these entertaining creatures sat well with the homespun charm of our scents and the cozy feelings they evoke. Two Goats was born!